Service Guarantee

› We promise to thoroughly understand your business and take a detailed job profile when undertaking an assignment for you.

› We will tailor our resources according to your brief.

› We will properly prepare all candidates for interview and with your help provide constructive feedback, even to the unsuccessful applicants.

› We appreciate some situations are very sensitive so we can therefore promise complete confidentiality.

› We meet every candidate without fail who attends an interview.

› All of our temps are fully referenced.

› We will not waste your time with poorly matched candidates.

› In conclusion we are totally committed to finding you the right, long-term permanent placement or short-term or contract solution.


However, we cannot do our job properly without your co-operation

From the start we need your help in terms of your time to understand the vacancy and your openness about the particular recruitment situation. By arranging a mutually agreeable time to meet, it will ensure that we can find the correct solution efficiently and with the minimum of fuss to you and your business.

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